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That’s a really weird thing to say to a colleague.” (In fact, that frame — “that’s a really weird thing to say to a colleague” — should be your positioning on all of this.

In confusion, I told her, no, I took a pre-approved vacation day.But your response to her is, and you have a lot of power to starve of her of the info and responses that make this rewarding for her.Try that, and I bet that even if it doesn’t stop 100%, she’ll pull way, way back.I’m not the right person to contact about this.” But if your mom won’t do that, she needs to at least ignore Sue and not respond to her.(Also, if I’m inferring correctly that they’re now connected on Facebook, ask your mom to sever that connection.) * When Sue asks about your time off, say, “Why do you ask?

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  2. Y., after hearing his mother talk about her loneliness after his father's death, and seeing his 78-year-old uncle fall in love again."It was just so clear to me that there was a changing world of growth and emotional growth" for seniors, Loring said. Walking into this speed-dating event (in New York), it was almost like walking into a senior prom," Loring said.